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Kevin Fuller recognized his call to community service at a young age; being involved in scouting and his parish youth group, he was engaged with many community volunteer opportunities. These institutions, along with the values that were instilled in him, provided a solid foundation that lasted throughout his high school years as he emerged as a graduate in 2000 from Central Catholic High School.

His professional career as a union carpenter and contribution to his local union have provided an opportunity to continue his passion for volunteering. Being woven into the fabric of local communities in Northwest Ohio, he recognized his talent for advocacy and in 2017 accepted a role as a business representative for the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, speaking on behalf of nearly 3,000 tradespeople in the area. “I’ve recognized that everyone has a voice but not all are inclined to use it, so we rely at times on those willing and courageous enough to speak for us. It takes a listening ear and a wide range of communication skills to formulate a consensus and extend that outwardly”, said Mr. Fuller.

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Kevin Fuller’s Values:

  • Be a voice for working families and their values
  • Responsible spending
  • Encourage business growth
  • Full support of our first responders
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