• Be a voice for working families and their values! Being a father in a household where both parents work, balance is key.  The understanding of a home life that many of the Perrysburg families live is important for proper representation.  Many of us have parents who live in the community as well that need our help. The rising cost of living is a challenge for those on a fixed income.  An empathetic approach is necessary when considering all members of our community.
  • Responsible spending! Just because a budget is set doesn’t mean that unnecessary items cannot be removed.  My experience in managing construction projects has taught me that details are very important.  Having a proactive approach and paying attention to the smaller items can add up to big savings for the taxpayer!   I am committed to taking an in-depth look at how our money is spent.
  • Encourage business growth! Perrysburg has a high percentage of residential development and has a low percentage of business development .  This is putting a strain on the schools.  A healthy balance of business growth can alleviate some of the strain while providing revenues to keep quality services and maintain infrastructure.
  • Full support of our first responders! People move to Perrysburg because it is safe and for our schools.  Our police and fire personnel are among the best.  I intend to keep it that way.  This will take an attentive ear and working to see that their needs are met so they too can stay safe.